In my 30+ Years of Teaching Experience I have found that Pastel Pencils is the by far the easiest art medium to pick up and learn.

In this course you will learn how to use a small range of pastel pencils to create a stunning picture of a Border Collie Puppy! It is designed for all levels including absolute beginners.

We provide you with an outline drawing so that you do not have to draw free hand. Trace this through to your paper or print it straight out using your printer.

Colin walks you through step by step with Video instruction how to draw each stage. You'll learn techniques behind drawing dogs and create a piece of art you can be proud of.

We have broken the course down into bitesize chunks that you can follow and return to with ease.

If you love drawing and want to discover easy techniques to create stunning art that you can transfer to your own pictures then this course is for you.


Here are three Greek myths about constellations in the summer sky. Warning: Greek mythology has a lot of adult themes in it. I try to keep it PG as much as possible. The Greeks were very interesting story tellers since there was no YouTube back then they had to entertain themselves somehow.


This course will update your skills in fps And also you will get your self rank one in fps game and any time not sure but yes if you take it seriously , don't forget to enroll now after that your able to competed your friends Also some enjoyment you will take with your competitors...  Thank you...

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  • will know how to cook KOSHRY , Shakshoka , Alex liver , Lentils soup , Fava Beans , SAYADYA Fish and rice
  • Will knew how to make very tasty , fast  and cheap food  and will master doing it
  • This course is directed for people who love to try new food & for anyone love the traditional food from the east / Egypt


Inthis course will be learning how to cook brisket over a barbecue pit.

Total cook time on this brisket is 11 hours. A very common cook time for most briskets is around 12 to 13 hours.

In this course I'll be separating the point from the flat on the brisket,seasoning the brisket, getting our pit setup, smoking the meat, rapping the meat, cooking the brisket rest of the way ,then presenting.

I hope you enjoy this course on how to smoke a brisket. There are many different ways but this one has been the easiest way I know as well as the favored from party guests.

So grab a pen and paper feel free to take some notes if you have any questions give them in the Q&A and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you.


Juz / Part 05 of the holy Quran 

Self Education in Quran Reading with Tajweed: Juz / Part 04 of the holy Quran 

Method: learn quran word by word. Quran learning made easy with the help of Video lessons. Live Online Quran Classes on Skype for For kids, New Muslims, adults, beginners and advanced students.

Word for word Quran teacher/reciter, Reading and tajweed helper tool. Learning Quran made easy with Quran teaching Videos lessons. 

Learn Quran with Tajweed series - Quran Lessons for beginners to learn with proper Tajwid.

With the video Lessons you learn: 

* Quran Reading 

* Applied Tajweed Rules 

* Rules of Waqf 

* Correct pronunciation

Our Quran Learning videos are best for teaching Quran with Tajweed to your children. Also the Quran teachers can use them to help their students learn Qaida and Quran. If you have any question about our Quran learning Project, then please feel free to contact us.  

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This course is for women who are looking to start dating again. This course helps women decide if they're ready to date again after a breakup or disappointment. In this course women learn how to go about dropping the doubt and fear to truly attract the love they want. This course will help you confidently decide if you're ready to let go of the past and start taking responsibility for your life and happiness.

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