The module is a WOW capsule towards learning very very simple HINDI words out of their ENGLISH equivalence towards better understanding of HINDI for knowledge and as a requisite towards being familiar with INDIANS all over the world. Now it is easy to greet them and discuss issues related to learning and explaining most of the common things and narrations towards excellence via effective communication in regard.


Shalom - שלום!

We believe in spreading the Hebrew language, and we also love Israel, that is why we've created the best online - worldwide Hebrew learning experience out there.

This short course is a taste of the huge "Learn Hebrew Across Israel" courses experience.

In this course you will learn Conversational Modern Hebrew.


  • We will show you a Hebrew conversation (Subtitled with Vowel Signed Hebrew + English translation).
  • For this conversation, you can download the full script (in Hebrew / English / Hebrew-English transliteration), with 2 versions:
    • B&W script - for you to print and practice with.
    • Colored script - to easy navigate between Hebrew words and their meaning.
  • As well, you can download a word by word acoustic-studio clear and slow recorded MP3 audio file.
  • After the conversation, we will get back to the studio, and analyse each and every sentence we said there, with pro tips, and handwritten Hebrew.

Also includes:

  • Interactive Quizzes.
  • Support and answers from our 2 Hebrew Instructors (Creators of Hebrew For Beginners Udemy Bestseller), Guy Ben-Moshe & Itzik Pinhasov.

Join us, we are waiting for you :)

Thank you for learning Hebrew - תודה שאתה לומד עברית.


After watching these videos, you are supposed to master the way of writing and reading Japanese.

There are three types of scripts in Japanese language and “HIRAGANA” is one of them. It consists of 46 characters.

In learning Japanese, Hiragana is the most basic element and mastering Hiragana encourage you to get deeper knowledge of Japanese.


This course challenges students to improve their written and oral communication skills, while strengthening their ability 
to understand and analyze literature in a variety of genres. Students enrolled in this course work on independent projects that enhance their skills and challenge them to consider complex ideas and apply the knowledge they have learned. Literature: Students read a broad array of short stories, poetry, drama, novels, autobiographies, essays, and famous speeches. The course guides students in the close reading and critical analysis of classic works of literature, and helps them appreciate the texts and the contexts in which the works were written. cbsce portions will be also covered.


download (2).jpgdownload (2).jpg

Welcome to Punctuation Basics, where you will improve your writing by building up your understanding of basic punctuation.

My name is Jason Link, and I’m a published writer and a former English instructor. I have taught students from all over the world and have had the opportunity to teach in the US and abroad. For over five years, I lived in Nicaragua and during that time, I taught English and writing to students from a variety of backgrounds and cultures, many of whom did not have English as their first language. I’m privileged to share all of this teaching experience with you in this course.

Throughout this course, I will share with you straightforward explanations on how punctuation works. We will go over:

By the end of this course, you will have a strong understanding of punctuation basics. You will develop a new confidence in your writing.

Thank you for your interest in Punctuation Basics. If you’re ready to learn more and sign up for the course, click the enroll button and dive into the lessons. You can also check out the lessons that are free to preview.