This course takes you through the concepts of meta-analysis and the various graphical representation. Types of data and their pooled estimates are discussed in simple language with good examples for you to understand better. This will form the basis for understanding meta-analysis. Heterogeneity are variations among the studies which are included in meta-analysis. Understanding the various types of heterogeneity and how to affects the interpretation of the results is important. Finally the course deals with forest and funnel plot which are graphical presentation of data and results in form of a scatter plot. Come join this course and take yourself to the next level in understanding and interpreting meta-analysis in dentistry.

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The module is a WOW capsule towards learning very very simple HINDI words out of their ENGLISH equivalence towards better understanding of HINDI for knowledge and as a requisite towards being familiar with INDIANS all over the world. Now it is easy to greet them and discuss issues related to learning and explaining most of the common things and narrations towards excellence via effective communication in regard.


This is our course (portuguese expressions) you are going to learn the common portuguese expressions in Brasil, most of them are used in other conuntries also where portuguese is spoken. Study more than 100 common expressions, with examples, you can download them in PDF either.

Why studying expressions are importante?

Expressions are something really important in any language, and any person should study them when starts to study any new language.

 Each language has its expressions, not even that, we can find every country has its expressions, in this course will show the most common expressions in Portuguese language especially in Brazil.

Sometimes the expression literally doesn’t make sense, but it actually means something in general

We can find them in the daily conversation, movies, music lyrics, but we don’t find them in the daily newspaper, television news, newspaper ads, radio, television, political speeches, election campaigns, , literature, etc..


  • في هذا الكورس اشرح لك الفيت امبلفاير بطريقة مبسطة  يفترض منك ان تكون فهمت الفيت بصورة جيدة وتكون على دراية باساسياته

  • ساعتمد في هذا الكورس على كتاب بولستد ،الكترونك دفايس اند سيركت ثيوري النسخة الحادية عشر

  • ستكون قادر على الالمام بانواع البايسنغ الموجودة في هذا الفصل

  • في هذا الفصل هناك قوانين كثيرة نوهت عليها يجب ان تحفظ