Here is a guide to play guitar along with AR's recent hit number - Nallai Allai. Its a beginner guitarist dream song! Fun to play with - Happy practising! 

Learn to play Nallai Allai on the guitar in 3 very simple steps!

If you have any doubts please feel free to ask, will be happy to help you out.


We've all been there
...Passionate about music and optimistic about the future.
Unfortunately, you lack the knowledge and experience that it takes to start creating music. 

You can Think of an FL Studio like a paintbrush if you don't know how to use it or the proper techniques then your paintings aren't going to have any meaning.
However, if you master the "Paint Brush" you'll be able to make people feel the emotion you put into your work.

This Course will teach you how to produce Beats and Melodies and proper strategies to help you be more productive in your workflow. 

It will give you a head start in the industry. I'm working closely with the Meridiem Records team to give a few selected students the opportunity to release a single under the Meridiem Records Label! It would give you the exposure and content you need.

Watch the Course Advertisement If youre still not convinced!


Did you start to teach yourself how to play the guitar, but quickly found it overwhelming and now have a dust collector in the closet? Fret no more! (Pun intended).

This free course is all about teaching you have to prepare yourself and your guitar properly BEFORE you start learning how to play the guitar. This free course is meant for beginners who are just stepping into the musical realm of guitar music, anyone well versed in the guitar language may find this course too basic.


Hello everyone. This is Dilhan. I’m a part time piano teacher and part time computer engineer. I’ve bern teaching piano for 6 years now, and playing the piano for 20 years! 

In this course, what I expect from you is little : a basic knowledge of sheet music reading, practicing and that’s it! I will teach you how to play Für Elise (a shorter version-2 pages) by Beethoven and Minuet in G(original version-1 page) by Bach!

I hope you’ll enjoy this course! Please leave feedback! Thanks and see you in the course!